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You can view a history of all the songs you've searched for using the My Tags option.

Windows Phone app for desktop (Windows) - Download

Shazam now has Spotify integration, so you can listen to full songs in Shazam playlists. If you connect your Spotify account, you will automatically get a My Shazam tracks playlist in Spotify, so you have an easy to use record of the songs you Shazam. But how can Shazam know so much about all this music? Well, Shazam 'hears' the song through your phone's microphone and uses your mobile internet connection to compare the sounds it receives with those recorded in a huge online database of music.

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If it finds a match Shazam will provide you with the information immediately, and offers you the ability to email it to a friend if you wish. While the app can't recognize every song in the World, it managed to get most we tested it with.

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The interface in the Windows Phone version of Shazam is very simple to use, and it only takes a few seconds to look up a song. A great way to expand your musical library.

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Shazam provides a solution to that age-old dilemma of trying to guess and remember! It's easy-to-use interface makes it a must have for music fans. Boxer Language: English File size: Audiocloud - Freeware Total download: Jason Ong Language: Review by editorial. Facebook - Freeware Total download: Microsoft Corporation Language: Facebook WP8 - Freeware Total download: Apptomatique Language: Office Lens Windows 10 - Freeware Total download: Slack Beta - Freeware Total download: Slack Technologies Inc.

Manage files in one library. Keep track of your podcasts.

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CONS Limited features. Can be buggy.

A unified music experience for Windows

Softonic review Windows phones are doing increasingly well taking more and more customers from the big two phone platforms Android and iOS. Basic but Useful You may find that this Windows Phone app for desktop is a little basic but at least it gives you options.

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