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Please let me know the easiest possible fix for this, whether its replacing the logic-board or replacing the components on the logic board. Thank you in advance for your answers! I am having the same problem. The error message shows up but only while taping on the back camera nothing for the front camera anyone have any solution please show the way out from this problem. Show 21 more comments. I am Brazilian, excuse the horrible English but was the solution I found for my problem.


I believe that this error and given the excessive use of "Low Power Mode". I actually dropped my iPhone 5s once. From then the back camera and flash is not working with same above msg.

Camera freezes or shows black screen

Still this solution works for me??? Hi , I actually dropped my iPhone 6s once. When I can use this back camera and flash then I give massege the I phone needs to cool down before you can use the flash. Still this solution for me?? Show 34 more comments. Toyo Akoms.

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February 13 by mateenali akbar. I fixed the wifi problem, the phone was dropped hard enough where it damaged the wifi cable. After removing the upper component cable, underneath it I noticed half of the wifi cable was somehow missing. I then removed it and replaced it with a new one. Did you ever notice why the camera and led flash was not working.? Finally fixed mine today Kinnehora kinnehora.

I have been having this same issue for over a month ago and even after surfing online for the solution and trying them changing battery, hard reset including all the solutions here nothing worked. Yesterday while checking up fixes on YouTube I saw a recent video on how to fix this issue and it actually worked for me. Hope it works for others too.. Sequim mactraders. I had this issue on a 5s. My phone definitely wasn't overheating, despite the message. I tried restoring to factory settings.

But, putting a new battery in solved the "overheating" issue immediately. Flash and flightlight are both working now! So as I was used to open iphone many times while repairing screen etc according to ifixit - I opened it and cable from rear camera was loosened a bit and that was it!

Hunny hunnyrock My iphone 5s ios And back camera is showing that iphone needs to cool down before you can use the flash i want a solution for this help me. I m having this problem too on iPhone 5s iOS Hello i cant understand of audio of the vid can you please elaborate it now it will be a big help for me thanks in advance. I think you should comment on the YouTube video comment section. The front facing camera works fine. The rear camera just shows a black screen. When I attempt to turn on the flash using the flashlight button the light does not turn on. The button does change and respond by being pressed but immediately returns to a state of being off.

The light never comes on. I have also seen an! This is an erroneous message, my phone is cold to the touch, fully charged and not plugged into AC. This is not a thermal issue. As I stated in my title, the camera and flash were working properly until I updated to In all these attempts nothing has worked. I understand that this is a two year old phone but an OS update should not cause the phone to loose functionality. I refuse to accept I should upgrade to a newer phone when this phone has been working properly and without issue for 2 years.

Posted on Jun 16, 6: Turn the flashlight off and on. Tap in the upper left of the screen to choose a different setting. When I tapped to switch it back is would freeze with a blur on the screen. Verizon suggested a hard reset, did that, no success. Reset, turn on and off, reset, etc, no success. After reading all the things on this page I did the following: This did not fix the problem. Then I tapped it on the table a couple of times to try and move the lens around a little and this worked. Thanks for all the advice. I had put this post off but it seems to be the only fix that worked for me.

Thanks though. Do you also have the problem with the flash not working together with a black screen on the rear camera? Did the press solve the flash-issue as well???? This worked for me what u can also do is after u send it back in get some silicone and slide it around the edge of the camera so it will stay in. First tried almost everything. Updates, downgrades, reboots, apps, even reseting from scratch.. But at last when a gave up i tried pushing the camera. I was worried at first i had to live with a camera deep in my iphone case but it adjusts.

Worked for me too. Kinda squeezed the whole corner. Then rebooted. Now works. Wonder how long it will last.

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This solved my issue! I spent ten long months asking friends to take photos and video for me or I would carry around my iPad to take them. Thank you so much for posting this! I had this exact problem.. Face camera would work but regular camera would freeze and everything was black.

Iphone 5s Black Camera not open And Flash Disabled problem done - Pardeep Electronics

This trick worked! I pushed the camera lenses in and now my camera is working again! Thanks a lot lol.

Suspect that there is a warranty on the replaced camera for at least 90 days, as that is typical industry standard for repairs? So if you get the camera replaced they will fix it later? Speculate that APPLE has a modified camera-flash repair that they sell the part for, but will refuse to admit it is a design flaw, else everyone and there brother will show up for a fix for free. Can someone help? Oh my gosh! This article saved me!

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Thanks sooo much!!!! I want to cry!!! The squeezing thing worked! I went to the Apple Store and they could not fix it since I have an iPhone 5. They tried new software but that did not work. Tried gently pushing it first but I only saw some purple spots. After squeezing it I heard a soft click and hip hip hooray, you just saved me money! I was wondering if it works? Will it damage my lenz?

Are these comments true? Voila it works. Thanks a lot. Searched for iphone official forums for months… the result… they are garbage… Only solution you find there is to claim warranty if you have one. The problem is that if this trick works pressing on the camera fixes it , then that means the iPhone camera is becoming faulty and it needs repair.

So yes it works, but there is an underlying problem that Apple must fix and that if you can get it fixed under warranty you should. If you get the iPhone 5 battery fixed under warranty this program: Anyway, I used the light-press on lens trick for a long time and it always worked until the iPhone went for a repair. If you have a 4 month old iPhone that has a failing camera, you should have Apple replace the iPhone for free.

It is obviously broken, and your warranty will cover the replacement. This is a hardware failure and the camera should work all the time, unequivocally. It worked when i pressed lightly on camera part! Cheers again! Visit to apple store to resolve the camera problem on my 5s was not at all encouraging. Kept on pressing at the rear camera area, rebooting and low n behold — after abt 20 min of trying , the camera came ALIVE!!

Have patience and keep trying. In my case I had dropped my phone and this problem arose. This trick worked for me! I tried al the other tricks resetting, rebooting etc , but none of them worked. When I pushed the camera a little bit harder than just lightly , I felt a little click, and it sank half a millimeter down.

Very useful article!

Back Camera and LED/Flash not working, Wifi is extremely weak.

Fixed my phone instantly. I have been having this problem for a while now and it was great that I came across this article. This worked. And all I kept finding on websites were to take them into the store. Although I was a little scared when my camera was pushed back in. The little pop noise scared me. But thank you!!! My camera moved backwards like the one in the image. I was wondering if by fixing it will the camera hardware get replaced or was it just loose and needs to be realigned?

Hoping for a reply thanks. I had tried everything to get my camera working again, and just as you said, lightly pressing on it is the only thing that worked! Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: AJ says: June 22, at 1: Zoe says: July 3, at 7: NW says: December 13, at Sienna says: March 20, at 4: Anna says: July 13, at 8: Hana says: September 13, at August 15, at Wes says: October 25, at 1: Chris Cheng says: Will Chao says: June 22, at 4: Paul says: Nicole says: January 1, at 9: InTheory says: June 22, at 8: Agneta says: June 22, at 6: Joseph says: June 22, at Elaine says: June 23, at Daniel says: July 6, at 4: Jodi says: August 8, at Deeney says: August 16, at Simon Jap McClelland says: August 17, at 5: David says: August 24, at 1: DeanCSmith says: August 30, at 1: Jason says: August 30, at 8: Danii says: September 4, at Bo says: September 7, at 1: Helenanne says: September 9, at 7: Melissa says: September 9, at 8: Brad says: Tenoch says: September 9, at Ana says: September 11, at Shuwan says: September 15, at 3: September 17, at 2: Felix says: September 17, at 1: William Mclaughlan says: September 19, at 3: September 22, at 2: Ben says: September 22, at Paul Collins says: October 2, at February 18, at 2: October 4, at 7: Hydro Thunder says: October 4, at FishOyl says: July 8, at 4: Danik says: October 7, at 4: Liaysha says: October 9, at 5: Brooklyn says: October 12, at 5: RickC says: October 15, at 1: RB says: October 15, at GG says: October 17, at 7: Fang says: October 27, at 9: October 29, at Jakob says: October 31, at 2: Lindsay says: November 3, at 9: Alistair says: November 6, at AD17 says: November 11, at 3: Mt Ni Lathaigh says: November 14, at 2: KC says: November 21, at 7: Ruby says: